Assam GK MCQ Question Answer for Various Competitive Exams

Assam GK Question Answer for Assam Excise Department Exam 2020/ Assam Forest exam 2020/Assam Police Exam Gk

Assam GK 2020

Hey aspirants, regarding forthcoming competitive exams to be held in Assam for various departments we have uploaded some important Assam GK MCQ question Answers which will bee helpful for tthe forth coming exam.

We have also listed some selected books which will be helpful for th forthcoming exams:

1) In which hill top, the Kamakhya Temple is Located

a) Nilachal Hill

b) Chitrachal Hill

c) Sandhyachal Hill

d) Jogini Hill

Option – a)

2)The Assam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year

a) 1904

b) 1917

c) 1912

d) 1921

Option – b)

3) Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year

a) 1449

b) 1465

c) 1352

d) 1432

Option – a)

4) Who was the last king of Ahom Kingdom in Assam

a) Goobar Roja

b) Jogeswar Singha

c) Sutanphaa

d) Purandar Singha

Option – d)

5) Total Number of Bridge over the river Brahmaputra

a) 7

b) 5

c) 4

d) 3

Option – c)

6) The first conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha was held at

a) Kamrup

b) Sivasagar

c) Barpeta

d) Dhuburi

Option – b)

7) In Ancient times, Assam is also known by the name of

a) Koliabor

b) Charaideo

c) Guwahati

d) Pragjiyotishpur

Option – d)

8) In which year, the capital of Assam shifted from shilling
11) Mahtma Gandhi First Visted Assam in the Year

a) 1917

b) 1920

c) 1921

d) 1927

Option – c)

12) Who is the first barrister of Assam

a) Parul Das

b) Pranab Kumar Borooah

c) Anundoram Borooah

d) Haliram Deka

Option – c)

13) In which district, Garampani Wildlife sanctuary is located

a) Karbi Anglong

b) Dibrugarh

c) Golaghat

d) Sivsagar

Option – a)

14) The second Burmese invasion took place in

a) 1816

b) 1817

c) 1818

d) 1819

Option – d)

15) Who was the greatest king of the pala Dynasty of Kamarupa

a) Jaypala

b) Gopala

c) Dharmapala

d) Ratnapala

Option – c)

16) How many kings do you have during the Ahom Period

a) 35

b) 40

c) 55

d) 60

Option – b)

17) The rank of Assam in literacy among the state of India is

a) 9th

b) 12th

c) 16th

d) 26th

Option – d)
18)Which one was the first capital of Ahom Kingdom in Assam

a) Sivsagar

b) Charaideo

c) Jorhat

d) Garhgaon

Option – b)

19) Who was the first martyr of 1942 Revolution in Assam

a) Kushal Kownwar

b) Kanaklata Barua

c) Kamala Miri

d) Maniram Dewan

Option – b)

20) The first phase of Moamoria Rebellion Was started in

a) 1749

b) 1759

c) 1769

d) 1779

Option – c)

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